Societay raise a glass as buzz for the city of Dundee grows further

The launch night of Tayside’s newest collaborative platform, Societay which was held at The White Goose in Dundee recently has been proclaimed a great success.

More than 80 people last night were brought together from different sectors and backgrounds in and around Dundee and Tayside. The platform aims to help individuals and businesses creatively engage with one another to drive the Tayside business community forward and foster positive social change. The evening was sponsor-red by the White Goose in Dundee and SDUK Photography.

Societay has been set up by Chris Gardiner, Andy McGill and Daniel Rosie with the aim of creating informal meet-ups in Dundee with drinks or a bite to eat where people can network in a relaxed setting.

Over the next 12 months, the trio aim to host a number of monthly events across the city, ranging from creative cafés, workshops, dinners and talks.

Dundee City Council leader John Alexander said: “Dundee is following a bold and exciting path and events like those organised by Societay allow the dynamic, creative and talented folk of Tayside to come together to share ideas and aspirations.

“Changing and improving Dundee’s future needs a strong social foundation as well as the bricks and mortar infrastructure which is why this initiative is timely.

“It’s particularly good to see three young and passionate ambassadors for the city taking this group forward, bringing together a very wide array of people with one ambition: bringing people together to meet, create and collaborate.”

Chris, Andy and Daniel, founders of Societay said: “We are passionate about bringing people in Tayside together, from creatives to councillors, students to social workers, designers to doctors and those from different sectors in Tayside. We believe it has done just that, the evening has been great success and wide range of individuals from all over Tayside came along.”

With our easy and relaxed format their is no structure, no pressure, and no agenda. Our events are inclusive and open to everyone, so if you’re someone who’s interested in meeting like-minded individuals who want to move the city forward together, then we’ll see you at our event next month’

“2018 is going to be one of the most significant years in Dundee’s history, not least because of the V&A and the new waterfront being unveiled to the world.”

“We think the more people who start recognising Dundee as the exciting place that it is, the more people will visit. We identified a real need for a relaxed, collaborative platform within the city and that’s how Societay was born. We hope to bring the city together through connecting people and places in Dundee and outwards across Tayside.

“Ultimately, we hope that we have created an inspiring platform that Dundee as a city can be proud of and we hope to provide real motivation for the people of Dundee and Tayside to support the positive social changes happening within the city.”

The trio plan to organise a monthly social once a month in partnership with The White Goose and look to bring a wide range of different events to city over the coming months.

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